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公司簡介 - 台灣東亞蒸餾水, 桶裝水, 超純水, 水處理設備, RO逆滲透, 淨水器


Continued health of your body, drink good water from the beginning,

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About US

Written by 台灣東亞蒸餾水
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Company Profile:
       The company was founded in the name of the Republic of China on January 62 as "Taiwan East water purification firm," the Republic 65 years to expand the business changed to "Taiwan East water purification Limited", so far about three more years of history, from the beginning to the amount of capital also 5.5 million to the Republic of 89 years was changed to 15 million. The Company's business scope is divided into two divisions: "Water Works" and "mineral water, distilled water, pure water production and supply department." The company is located in Taichung Industrial Park, the plant floor area of ​​550 ‧
 A water treatment engineering major business projects are:
        In addition to iron and manganese filter well water; turbidity water purification filter; activated carbon filter; dealkalization, softening equipment; RO water equipment; semiconductors, electronics, optoelectronics whole plant water treatment systems; hospital dialysis machine water equipment; mineral water, packaged drinking water the whole plant equipment; food and water treatment industries and dosing systems, ultraviolet oxygen equipment; variety of precision filtration filter, filter sand, resin, activated carbon water treatment equipment; household water filters ; RO reverse osmosis water machine, drinking fountains and other ‧
       The Company contract manufacturer customers: Naval Shipyard on a total of five sets of ultra-pure water equipment factory 7 Lafayette supply water turbines, ship; the middle three wineries: Taichung wineries, winery Nantou Puli Winery so the whole plant water treatment equipment; IDF fighters National Aeronautics and development of water treatment equipment for high-speed wind tunnel; recently Penghu Makung airport expansion deal with a full range of well water to the International Space Station to drink RO water system equipment and major food factory of whole plant water treatment equipment, such as : Sunkist food company, VITALON food company, Chang Pro jelly food companies, food companies, and Sheng Xiangzhen Tristate photoelectric ultra-pure water equipment, good art electronic ultra-pure water equipment company, joint measurement technology companies and ultra-pure water equipment China Telecom Tower and other water equipment ‧

Second, mineral water, distilled and bottled water production and supply department of the main business items include:
        Bottled mineral water for drinking water supply line number of national companies, distilled water, pure water, ultrapure water, such as: TRA, high-speed rail, post office, Chunghwa Telecom, AIDC, Formosa, Watson and other public, private and small companies more than a thousand ‧ home of the drinking water supply
** East Asia Bottled water is thirty years old brand, we focus on the quality of your drinking water, for your health, East Asia Bottled water can help rid the body of harmful

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